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Carol Singing at Bosfield Residential House (Added 13/12/17)  P5/6 will be going to the Bosfield Residential House on Old coach Road to sing some Christmas Carols on Monday 18th December at 1.30pm.  This has always been a success in previous years with the children as well as the residents of Bosfield House.   
Christmas Carols with P4-7 (Added 13/12/17) On Tuesday 19th December at 2pm, P4-7 pupils will be singing a selection of Christmas Carols and parents/carers are all welcome to join us.  The cost will be £1 which includes a raffle ticket.  Please note this is a non-seated event as it will be held in our open area. 
Infant Nativity (Added 13/12/17) A performance for parents will be held on Wednesday 20th December at 10am, children will issue invites as seats are limited to 2 per pupil. 
Christmas Service (Added 13/12/17) Our Christmas service will be held on Thursday 21st December 2017 at 10am.  You are welcome to join us.  Please remember we have limited seating and no standing room in our hall. 
Christmas Parties and Treats (Added 13/12/17)  P1 and P2 will have their party on Thursday, P3 party will be on Wednesday 20th and P4 and P5 party will be on Friday 15th December.  P6 and P7 will be having a Pizza, PJ, Popcorn and Pictures (Movie) day on Wednesday 20th where they will be making pizzas throughout the day and watching a movie. 
Christmas Night Extravaganza (added 20/11/17)  Our Parent Council will be hosting a Christmas Night Extravaganza this Friday (24th November) from 6.30pm.  Come along to a fun-filled night where you can start your Christmas shopping with some stocking-fillers.  As well as buying goods that your child has been working hard to make/bake, there will also be some stalls from local companies.  We look forward to seeing you there to start the Chrismas preparations. Adults £1 entry whilst children are FREE!
STV Children's Appeal (added 18/5/17)  We had a fantastic morning  working together to raise funds for STV' Children's Appeal.  We  were joined by Sean Batty who took part in out Inter-house Tug of  War competition as well  netball shoot, skipping and bean bag relays.  We even had the chance to see an old fashioned delivery van   which   delivered some  goodies from Tunnock's  who are sponsoring Sean. Lots of pictures to follow. Thank you for your support. 
STV Children's Appeal (added 28/4/17)
On Thursday 18th May STV weatherman Sean Batty will join Halfmerke pupils and take part in some fund raising activities in support of the STV Children's Appeal. Activities will include an inter-house tug of war and a netball shoot.  You may see us on TV. Keep a look out!

Parent Council Halloween Discos (added 25.10.17) Our Parent Council are holding two Halloween Discos tonight, Wednesday 25th October 2017.  THe infant disco, P1-3, will be from 6.30pm - 7.45pm and the P4-7 disco will be from 8pm - 9.15pm.  Prizes for the Best Fancy Dress.  £2 entry per child (Pay at te door).
K'Nex Challenge (added 18/5/17)  Two Primary 6 pupils took part in theLanarkshire Final of the K'Nex Challenge and of 2825  young enginneers competing our duo came SECOND!!!!  How amazing is that! They now go forward to the West of Scotland Final at Glasgow University. We will be keeping our fingers crossed and wishing them well  in the next stage. We are so proud of you both.  Look out for pictures later of our young engineers of the future!.
Reading Challenge (added 28/4/17) Pupils are challenged to raise funds through sponsorship whilst enjoying sharing favourite books and stories with siblings and parents this weekend. Have lots of fun everyone!
Primary 4 Assembly  (added 28/4/17)   Primary 4 enjoyed sharing their learning about Ancient Egyptians, A group of young archaeologists  won a trip to Egypt  and were posed with several problems to solve. With the help of their Ancient Egyptian classmates they were able to solve the problems and enjoy the costumes , music and facts along the way. A super assembly everyone!
 Strictly comes to Halfmerke!(added 16/12/16)  This year's nativity presented by P 1 and 2 pupils , accompanied by the P 3 choir was entitled Lights , Camel Action . Parents, family members  friends and whole school enjoyed the performances which included  a disco star, funky camels, morris dancing shepherds, line dancing townsfolk, ballet dancing angels and tango dancing innkeepers who had to impress the panel of judges - Donkey, Innkeeper's Wife and Caesar (BOO!)  Everyone joined in the final celebration with some nifty hand-jiving. take a look in the Gallery.
Primary 4-7 Christmas Cheer (added 16/12/16)   Pupils in Primaries 4-7 entertained parents, grandparents and friends with a range of Christmas songs and carols. The afternoon was a great success and enjoyed by everyone.
Primary 7 and 6 Festive Fun -(added 11/12/16)  P7 and 6 pupils  had lots of fun creating their own pizzas when they visited  a local restaurant.
Rights of The Child - ( added 2/12/16)  P6 pupils shared their learning about children's rights and UNCRC with parents, family and friends at their assembly today. 
New Arrivals - (added 28/11/16)  P2/3  welcome baby chicks which hatched in class! They are so cute!
Primary 2 Assembly -( added 13/11/16) On Friday,  11th November ,dinosaurs returned to Halfmerke thanks to the fabulous assembly  presented by Primary 2 pupils who shared their recent learning with the whole school, family and friends. A giant T-Rex roared as the pupils showed fossils of other dinosaurs, sang songs and demonstrated their knowledge of some unusual dinosaurs. Well done Primary 2! take a look the photos.
 Open Evening - A Fond Farewell (added 10/11/16)  Our open school event was a fantastic success with many ex-pupils, friends of Halfmerke dropping in for a last look round. They enjoyed guided tours of the school led by some pupils from Upper Stages. Visitors also enjoyed looking at old school photographs, adding their name to the Wall of Fame (with the help of some P6 representatives  who braved the cold evening). Teas and coffees allowed lots of old friends to catch up  and share some memories of their time at Halfmerke before buying some souvenirs of their visit and saying goodbye.
The evening was made more successful  with the help of the super pupils who volunteered to come along and help.
Open Evening -  (added 31/10/16) On 6th October children at all stages enjoyed showing parents and family members around the school and particularly enjoyed sharing  their current learning  within the classroom. The evening was a great success.
Primary 5 Science News
We have been learning about the function of the heart and how our circulatory system works. We made a substance that looks like our blood to show the different components: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. We have been learning the structure of the heart, how it pumps blood around the body and what is inside our blood. Take a look at our pictures in the Events Gallery.
Congratulations  - Gagdget Show Winners  (added 1/04/15) P6 took part in a competition for the Gadget Show where they were to invent a gadget of the future.  We are pleased to announce that a group of 4 children, Sammy, Angus, Craig and Holly, came 1st and their invention,  a Robo-guide dog, is being made into a prototype and will be displayed at the 2015 Gadget Show Exhibition  in Birmingham.  Well done!
Safari Themed Sports Day (added 27/05/15) This year, to get in the mood for our safari trip, we organized a safari themed sports day! We had teams such as the monkeys, giraffes, cheetahs and many more wild animals! Everybody did their very best, but after counting and counting, Mrs Mackie and Mrs Douglas announced the winners and they were... the Leopards! Well done to everybody who took part in this fun day. Thank you also to our adult helpers who came along and to help.
Blair Drummond Safari Park Trip (added 10/6/15) We are all very excited for our safari trip on Monday 15th of June. The bus will leave about 9.20am on Monday morning, please ensure your child is there on time.  Please referrer to the reminder letter that was given out today.
Our Gadget Show winners (added 10/06/15) Our P6 students won the Gadget Show competition and their prototype has arrived at the school. They each received goody bags filled with prizes, well done!

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Rookie Rockstars- (added 10/11/16) Thursday morning was an amazing experience for pupils and staff at Halfmerke and West Mains as we recorded our rock songs which will be put onto disc. Discs will go on sale soon. We really are rockstars! Keep on rockin'.
Rookie Rockstars - (added 7/11/16)  Monday morning and we have been rocking!  Our first session with The Rookie Rockstar group  introduced us to some  songs with a powerful message delivered through powerful music. We had a fantastic time!  We will be rocking the roof off all week in preparation for our concert next Thursday 17th November. Doors open 6.15. Concert  6.30 - 7.30.  Tickets priced at £5.00.Please come along and join us . You may need  ear defenders!! Rock on!
Halfmerke Voices - (added 6/11/16)  On Friday 4th November pupils attended the first meeting of their group of choice at which they were given the opportunity to express their opinions and share their ideas with like-minded pupils  concerning changes and developments that they would like to see within our school. Gropus included Pupil Council, ECO Group, Rights Group,Health Group. Community Group, Outdoor/Playground Group and School Captains/House Leaders Group. Groups will meet on a regular basis, be run by pupils and ensure that every voice can be heard.
Open Evening - A Last Memorable Journey (added 7/10/16) The school will be open to visitors- parents, local residents, ex-pupils on Wednesday 9th November from 4.00 till 6.00. We hope you will take this opportunity to come along  to meet old friends and share some happy memories whilst having look around. We look forward to seeing you.
Hunter Primary Kid's Club (added 24.11.14) If you require an After School Care between 3.00pm and 5.45pm please contact Dorreen Gallagher @ Hunter
Primary 2/3 Assembly  (added24/3/17)  Pupils in P2/3 presented their learning about Africa to whole school and parents and friends and demonstrated their amazing linguistic skills and dance moves as they performed some African songs and dances, Well done  everyone!